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Thank you for your interest in the Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition’s (SOS) campaign to protect the Northwest’s iconic wild salmon and orca from extinction.


Background: Two of our region’s most iconic species – salmon and orca – teeter today on the brink of extinction. Southern Resident orcas have feasted on the largest of salmon – chinook – since time immemorial. Habitat destruction in our rivers, however, has severed ancient migration routes and devastated wild salmon populations – endangering Southern Resident orcas that rely upon them. Protecting orcas from extinction requires restoring salmon abundance in our region’s coastal waters.

2020.salmon.orca1The Campaign to Restore the Lower Snake River will allow SOS to expand staff resources during 2019-2021 in order to build the public and policymaker support needed to remove four costly dams on the lower Snake River in southeast Washington State.

SOS has led this fight from its start in 1998 with coordinated and strategic legal, policy, communications and organizing action with coalition members and key partners. Our persistent work has bought critical time for endangered salmon by forcing improved dam operations while we make steady progress toward our nation’s most ambitious river/salmon restoration initiative – a free-flowing lower Snake River.

We’re in this fight for the long haul, we’re winning, and the end is now in sight. With your help, the lower Snake River will flow freely once again.

In 2021, we're seeking donations totaling $100,000 in each year. Here is our progress to date for this 3-year campaign:

2019: We met our goal of $80,000!

2020: We secured $85,000 toward our goal of $100,000.

2021: So far, we've raised $40,000 toward a goal of $100,000.

We appreciate your support. You can donate online here.


Or, in order to avoid the online transaction service charge, checks can be sent to:

Save Our wild Salmon Coalition
811 First Ave, #305
Seattle, WA 98104

For further information, please contact us:

Sally Wolf, Fundraising Campaign Chair
Campaign to Restore the Lower Snake River

Joseph Bogaard, Executive Director
Save Our wild Salmon Coalition

Thank you again for your interest and support!

Sally and Joseph


Thank you for your interest in supporting Save Our wild Salmon’s work to restore and reconnect the healthy rivers and watersheds that wild salmon and steelhead need to survive and thrive. We rely on – and deeply appreciate your generous support for our work.

Joseph Bogaard, executive director

• The Save Our wild Salmon Coalition is a not-for-profit 501.c.3 organization registered with the federal government. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Our tax-ID number is 91-1673170.


Here's how you can give:

Give Online

  • You can set up a recurring gift to be made automatically every month or quarter are very helpful for helping SOS achieve a steady and dependable income over time. You can easily set this up online; you don’t have to remember to give each month, though you’ll be reminded as it will show up on your monthly credit card statement. If you have questions about how to do this, please contact us.

By Mail

Our mailing address:

Save Our wild Salmon
811 First Ave. #305
Seattle, WA 98104


Direct Gifts of Securities

You can give equities/stocks/mutual funds, etc. These types of gifts benefit the donee who avoids or minimizes paying capital gains tax and greatly expand the size of the gift. To learn more about this, here are two online articles to explain how this works. And you can contact us as well.


Matching Gifts

You or your partner may work for a company that matches employee gifts.

Below are several links to lists of these companies and a search engine you can use to look up your company.

This year, SOS is offering several gifts for our donors and several raffle items. All donors who donate to SOS in November and December this years will be automatically be eligible for the raffle. Donate here.


(1) Raven Map of the Pacific Northwest ($50 minimum)
24" x 36", Raven Maps are world famous. This map centers the heart of salmon country in western North America - the lands, rivers and coastal waters from northern California to Alaska.








(2) Free the Snake t-shirt with artwork by Patagonia ($100 minimum)
Shirts come in three colors: green, blue and red.
Unisex and womens sizes available.
Supplies are limited. We’ll do our best to fulfill your request.
Send an email to with your preferred color, style and size, when you donate online.

(3) Free the Snake t-shirt with artwork by 'Always with Honor' ($100 minimum)
Shirts are unisex and come in blue only.
Supplies are limited. We’ll do our best to fulfill your request.
Send an email to with your preferred size, when you donate online.







(4) Wild Snake River salmon/steelhead watercolor t-shirt with artwork by Eileen Klatt ($100 minimum)
Shirts are unisex and come in tan color only.
Supplies are limited. We’ll do our best to fulfill your request.
Send an email to with your preferred size, when you donate online.



We’re also giving away three copies of two books. All year-end donors are eligible.

(1) Three copies of River of Life, Channel of Death. By Keith Petersen, 2002.
Keith Petersen's award-winning history of the lower Snake River dams chronicles the bitter conflict between the Northwest's most potent symbols -- fish and dams. Taking a balanced approach to this contentious issue, Petersen deftly traces the deep historical roots of the current salmon crisis and considers outcomes that have the potential to affect millions of people.

    riveroflife            riveroflife             riveroflife 

(2) Three copies of A River Captured: The Columbia River Treaty and Catastrophic Change. By Eileen Delehanty Pearkes, 2016.
Long lauded as a model of international cooperation, the Columbia River Treaty governs the storage and management of the waters of the upper Columbia River basin, a region rich in water resources, with a natural geography well suited to hydroelectric megaprojects. The Treaty also caused the displacement of over 2,000 residents of over a dozen communities, flooded and destroyed archaeological sites and up-ended once-healthy fisheries.

river.captured              river.captured              river.captured

Raffle winners will be announced in January 2018.       

sockeye.river copy 2

Save Our wild Salmon 2016 - The Year in Review
What we’ve accomplished – and what’s ahead.


donateTHANK YOU! On behalf of our board and staff, thank you for your active support for SOS’ work to protect and restore the iconic and irreplaceable wild salmon and steelhead of the Columbia by securing a lawful federal plan, freeing the lower Snake River by removing four costly dams, and modernizing the 53 year-old United State-Canada Columbia River Treaty.

SOS’ successes have only been achieved with your steadfast support and engagement. Governments will not 'Free the Snake', modernize the Treaty, rebuild Chinook populations for hungry orca or replace the dams’ energy with job-creating, climate-friendly alternatives. People will - arguing and advocating, listening and learning, finding common ground, and ultimately crafting solutions for a better, brighter future for both salmon and people, ecology and economy.

Thank you for your contributions to our successes. Your generous support before the end of the year are critical to helping us prepare us to tackle the both opportunities and challenges we’ll confront in 2017.

-- INVEST in our work in 2017 here. (Gifts to SOS tax-deductible)

-- SEE OUR YEAR-END DONOR GIFTS and raffle prizes (hats, shirts, and books) here.

-- VIEW A GALLERY OF PHOTOS from this year’s ‘Free the Snake’ Flotilla and Northwest Salmon Rallies this fall organized as part of the NEPA Scoping Period.

-- READ ON BELOW for a review our accomplishments in 2016 and preview of programs and activities for 2017.

And please reach out to Joseph Bogaard in Seattle or Sam Mace in Spokane – if you have questions about year-end giving and/or our programs and priorities in 2017.

2016 Photos:
'Free the Snake' Flotilla & NEPA salmon and river rallies

The following photos were taken in the second half of 2016 - at the second annual 'Free the Snake' Rally and Flotilla on the lower Snake River near Lewiston (ID) and Clarkston (WA) in September. Other photos were taken this fall at a series of events and rallies in support of wild salmon and a freely-flowing Snake River.

Photos courtesy of Dave McCoy (Emerald Water Anglers) and Melanie McCloskey, and others. copy 1canoe.flotilla    1comment cards.web 1freethesnake.cutoutthedalles.pano2 1Free the Snake Seattle 12.1.16    1Free the Snake Seattle 12.1.16 21FTS.canoe copy 2   1mccoy.kristin1mccoy.sea.inside.jb1mccoy.sea.outside.fish1mccoy.workman1NPT.boy11pdx.inside1pdx.table1spokane.rally copy1pdx.outside


sockeye.river copy 2

Save our wild Salmon 2016 Year-End Donor Gifts and Raffle Prizes

donateTHANK YOU for msos.logo1aking a generous donation to Save Our wild Salmon before December 31st this year. All gifts are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

You can learn about our accomplishments in 2016 and to get a preview of the opportunities and challenges we'll face in 2017 here.

If you have any questions about our programs and priorities - or about year-end giving, please contact Joseph or Sam. We'll be happy to help!

This year, we are offering a number of donor gifts and raffle prizes. For every $10 you donate, you'll receive a virtual raffle ticket. A $100 donation will translate into 10 tickets. We're offering three copies books as our raffle prizes this year. See details below. We'll choose the winners at random and announce them soon after the first of the year.

Thank you again for your generous support for our work. We can't do it without you!

You can select/order your gift at our donation page here.

you can also send checks here:

Save Our wild Salmon
811 First Ave, #305
Seattle, WA 98104



(1) RAVEN Map of the Pacific Northwest (24" x 36")

For gifts of $50 or more.


(2) Save Our wild Salmon Fleece Hat

Keep your brains warm this winter!

For gifts of $50 or more.




(3) T-SHIRT - Watercolor by acclaimed Hope (ID) artist Eileen Klatt

This is a large image across the front.

For gifts of $75 or more.

Send your preferred size to



(3) T-SHIRT - 'FREE THE SNAKE' - Design by Patagonia

1st Annual 'Free the Snake' T is blue / small chest logo w/ large image on back (not pictured)

2nd Annual 'Free the Snake' T is green / small chest logo w/ large image on back (see below)

For gifts of $75 or more.

Send your preferred color and size to




(1) Three copies of SOLUTIONARY RAIL by Bill Moyer and Patrick Mazza, with a forward by Bill McKibben.

Signed by Bill Moyer, co-author and executive director of the Backbone Campaign


Could railroads, the oldest form of mechanized mass transportation, be the key to unlocking solutions to some of the greatest challenges of the 21st century? Unique among modes of long-haul transport, rail can be electrified. So, why not power trains with renewable energy? Might a clean, modernized, higher-speed rail network draw freight and passengers off the highways and back onto the tracks? Could electrifying the railroads actually open new transmission corridors and increase the supply and reliability of electricity from wind and solar? If the rest of the world is already electrifying their railroads, why isn't the US?





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