Buster the Wild Sockeye Salmon greets a young advocate

Wild salmon are a national treasure. Through video testimonial, we can celebrate wild salmon and steelhead and all that they represent to the Nation: healthy lands, rivers, and oceans, strong wildlife populations, recreational and commercial fishing heritage, vibrant communities, jobs and nourishing food.

In the era of Youtube and the like, web-based videos have become an effective grassroots tool for public interest campaigns. As part of the 2007-2008 comment drive regarding the failed federal salmon plan for the Columbia-Snake Basin, the Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition will be compiling videos from you and others around the country into short films for use on YouTube and our website.

These videos will be sent to members of Congress and other decision-makers - delivering the message that leadership is needed now to restore the mighty wild salmon and steelhead of the Co-lumbia and Snake Rivers. Please review the instructions below for the ‘how-to’ on getting video to Save Our Wild Salmon.

Download these Instructions HERE .  Send them to a Friend! 

What Should I Say? — Suggestions for Video Messages

Be creative! Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Your videos can be short, to the point, and directed at Members of Congress - the people who have the opportunity and responsibility to step up and restore our salmon populations and wisely spend our taxpayer dollars.  Clips should carry a great verbal message or be visually appealing. Videos that carry both are preferred.

My name is __________. I am a __________ from __________.

Wild Salmon are important to the nation because _____________.
(healthy food, good jobs, natural resource, culture, ecosystem, national treasure) 

  • The Columbia & Snake Rivers were once home to the most abundant runs of salmon in world.  As many as 16 million fish returned home to these rivers each year.

  • Today, all runs on the Snake River are either extinct or listed under the Endangered Species Act. Time is running out for these fish.

  • This year, only 4 Snake River sockeye salmon have made it back to their spawning grounds Redfish Lake, the Idaho lake named for the color and abundance of these fish.

  • The four deadly lower Snake River dams are holding back opportunities to have a healthy river and abundant wild salmon for present and future generations. 

  • Members of Congress:  Please resolve the salmon crisis on the Snake River so that our Nation’s children can enjoy the economic, cultural, and environmental benefits of healthy wild Pacific salmon.

For additional ideas, download the pdf of Pro-Salmon signs HERE.


This project is ongoing into early 2008 but send them as soon as you can!

Accepted Video Formats

- Quicktime Files (.avi, .mov, etc.)
- mini DV tape (digital video)
- any raw digital video that can be imported into Final Cut Pro.
- NO Mastered DVDs—these cannot be edited.

Download these Instructions HERE .  Send them to a Friend!

Please send video submissions, questions, and ideas to:

Bobby Hayden
Email: bobby at wildsalmon.org
Tel: 503.230.0421 x15
Mail to:
2031 SE Belmont St.
Portland, Oregon 97214  

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