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The Coalition

Founded in 1991, Save Our wild Salmon (SOS) is a coalition of northwest and national conservation organizations, commercial and sportsfishing associations, businesses, river groups and clean energy and orca advocates working together to protect and restore self-sustaining, abundant, and harvestable populations of salmon and steelhead to the rivers, streams and marine waters of the Pacific Salmon states for the benefit of people and ecosystems.

We focus our collective efforts on the Columbia and Snake River Basin, where more than 16 million wild salmon and steelhead returned each year. Today, adult returns of wild salmon and steelhead to the Snake River - the Columbia's largest tributary - can be counted in the tens of thousands. Thirteen populations at risk of extinction are listed under the Endangered Species Act - including all four remaining Snake River stocks. Join our campaign to help us restore these critically endangered salmon and steelhead populations by:

  • Securing a legally valid, science-based Federal Salmon Plan that restores a resilient and freely flowing lower Snake River and expands "spill" at the federal dams that remain, and
  • Modernizing the 50 year-old U.S. - Canada Columbia River Treaty to include ecosystem-based function - the health of the river - as a new essential Treaty purpose in order to better protect the river, its fish and wildlife populations and the communities that rely on them.

With these actions, we can protect and begin to restore the Pacific Northwest's wild salmon and steelhead and the irreplaceable ecological, economic and cultural benefits they provide to residents of the Northwest and nation, and bring an important measure of justice to the region's Tribes - the original stewards of these lands and waters.

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Save Our wild Salmon Coalition Bylaws (Approved September 21, 2023)

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