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Save our wild Salmon 2016 Year-End Donor Gifts and Raffle Prizes

donateTHANK YOU for msos.logo1aking a generous donation to Save Our wild Salmon before December 31st this year. All gifts are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

You can learn about our accomplishments in 2016 and to get a preview of the opportunities and challenges we'll face in 2017 here.

If you have any questions about our programs and priorities - or about year-end giving, please contact Joseph or Sam. We'll be happy to help!

This year, we are offering a number of donor gifts and raffle prizes. For every $10 you donate, you'll receive a virtual raffle ticket. A $100 donation will translate into 10 tickets. We're offering three copies books as our raffle prizes this year. See details below. We'll choose the winners at random and announce them soon after the first of the year.

Thank you again for your generous support for our work. We can't do it without you!

You can select/order your gift at our donation page here.

you can also send checks here:

Save Our wild Salmon
811 First Ave, #305
Seattle, WA 98104



(1) RAVEN Map of the Pacific Northwest (24" x 36")

For gifts of $50 or more.


(2) Save Our wild Salmon Fleece Hat

Keep your brains warm this winter!

For gifts of $50 or more.




(3) T-SHIRT - Watercolor by acclaimed Hope (ID) artist Eileen Klatt

This is a large image across the front.

For gifts of $75 or more.

Send your preferred size to



(3) T-SHIRT - 'FREE THE SNAKE' - Design by Patagonia

1st Annual 'Free the Snake' T is blue / small chest logo w/ large image on back (not pictured)

2nd Annual 'Free the Snake' T is green / small chest logo w/ large image on back (see below)

For gifts of $75 or more.

Send your preferred color and size to




(1) Three copies of SOLUTIONARY RAIL by Bill Moyer and Patrick Mazza, with a forward by Bill McKibben.

Signed by Bill Moyer, co-author and executive director of the Backbone Campaign


Could railroads, the oldest form of mechanized mass transportation, be the key to unlocking solutions to some of the greatest challenges of the 21st century? Unique among modes of long-haul transport, rail can be electrified. So, why not power trains with renewable energy? Might a clean, modernized, higher-speed rail network draw freight and passengers off the highways and back onto the tracks? Could electrifying the railroads actually open new transmission corridors and increase the supply and reliability of electricity from wind and solar? If the rest of the world is already electrifying their railroads, why isn't the US?





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