sockeye-stream-quinnThe Obama Administration and Members of Congress need to hear from you. Please take a moment to send an important message.


Urge President Obama to protect the migration of our one-of-a-kind salmon to the best salmon habitat in the continental United States.
ACT NOW: Please contact President Obama today and urge him to do all he can to safeguard these magnificent creatures and ensure they are around for future generations to admire and cherish.


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Wild salmon and steelhead of the Columbia and Snake Rivers are a treasure to our nation and the Northwest’s ambassadors to the world. Their epic voyage – traveling from a mountain stream to the far reaches of the Pacific Rim, only to return to that very stream in which they were born – is symbolic of the journeys we all make.
Right now, four outdated dams on the lower Snake River are holding back solutions to the salmon crisis that will restore the salmon economy, create new jobs, revitalize communities, and build a clean energy future. These four dams severely limit access to thousands of miles of pristine habitat that provide salmon the best chance at survival in a warming climate. After almost $10 billion in US taxpayer dollars wasted on ineffective and illegal programs, the effects of this crisis can be felt across the country. The federal agencies in charge of managing this watershed continue to ignore the underlying fact: partial removal of the four lower Snake River dams is the best and most cost-effective way to recover wild salmon to abundance. It is not too late to restore a free-flowing Snake River and recover wild Snake River salmon for generations to come. The Time is Now: Please Take the Latest Action.


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