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Campaign to Restore the Lower Snake River


Thank you for your interest in the Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition’s (SOS) campaign to protect the Northwest’s iconic wild salmon and orca from extinction.


Background: Two of our region’s most iconic species – salmon and orca – teeter today on the brink of extinction. Southern Resident orcas have feasted on the largest of salmon – chinook – since time immemorial. Habitat destruction in our rivers, however, has severed ancient migration routes and devastated wild salmon populations – endangering Southern Resident orcas that rely upon them. Protecting orcas from extinction requires restoring salmon abundance in our region’s coastal waters.

2020.salmon.orca1The Campaign to Restore the Lower Snake River will allow SOS to expand staff resources during 2019-2021 in order to build the public and policymaker support needed to remove four costly dams on the lower Snake River in southeast Washington State.

SOS has led this fight from its start in 1998 with coordinated and strategic legal, policy, communications and organizing action with coalition members and key partners. Our persistent work has bought critical time for endangered salmon by forcing improved dam operations while we make steady progress toward our nation’s most ambitious river/salmon restoration initiative – a free-flowing lower Snake River.

We’re in this fight for the long haul, we’re winning, and the end is now in sight. With your help, the lower Snake River will flow freely once again.

In 2021, we're seeking donations totaling $100,000 in each year. Here is our progress to date for this 3-year campaign:

2019: We met our goal of $80,000!

2020: We secured $85,000 toward our goal of $100,000.

2021: So far, we've raised $40,000 toward a goal of $100,000.

We appreciate your support. You can donate online here.


Or, in order to avoid the online transaction service charge, checks can be sent to:

Save Our wild Salmon Coalition
811 First Ave, #305
Seattle, WA 98104

For further information, please contact us:

Sally Wolf, Fundraising Campaign Chair
Campaign to Restore the Lower Snake River

Joseph Bogaard, Executive Director
Save Our wild Salmon Coalition

Thank you again for your interest and support!

Sally and Joseph


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