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Restoring the Lower Snake River

megload.july2013From the desk of Sam Mace

July 26, 2013

While big questions are being raised about the economic viability of the lower Snake River waterway, big oil companies are still trying to turn Idaho's Highway 12 from a protected wild and scenic river and historic route of Lewis and Clark into an industrial corridor used to transport massive equipment to be used  for oil and tar sand extraction and processing in the Dakotas and Canada. Such a transport corridor will damage the scenic, historic, and ecological values of the area, is widely opposed by local residents, and will put at further risk already-endangered wild salmon and steelhead.

This letter expresses support to the Forest for exercising its authority to protect the wild and scenic values of the corridor and preventing the mega-load from using Highway 12.

Download the letter here.

Hear a story on KUOW than ran July 25th - highlighting the stand-off created by Omega-Morgan Corporation when it shipped its materials up the lower Columbia and lower Snake with the full knowledge that it had not secured the required permissions to use Highway 12 for mega-load tranport.

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