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Restoring the Lower Snake River

Backs Governor Kitzhaber's call for a stakeholder process on Columbia-Snake Salmon

RonWyden pressphoto webThis week, the senior senator from the State of Oregon issued a short statement supporting the Governor's recent call to convene a stakeholder process for Columbia-Snake River salmon:

"Time and time again we've seen that good things happen when folks agree to meet face-to-face and tackle the tough issues facing Oregon. I'm glad to see that Governor Kitzhaber has taken the initiative and announced his support for a roundtable that will bring together tribes, fishermen, farmers, power customers, conservationists and officials from state and local governments to discuss Northwest salmon issues. This is the kind of collaborative process that the region needs to find a solution to such a thorny issue." -- Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR)

Thank you, Senator Wyden, for your support of salmon restoration solutions!

Read Governor Kitzhaber's op-ed and our press release.

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