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Restoring the Lower Snake River

Time for a Solutions Table

Judge ReddenYesterday, via a video interview with Earthfix news, U.S. Judge James Redden endorsed lower Snake River dam removal to save wild salmon.

Judge Redden, who resigned from the long-running salmon case last November after more than a decade, is intimately familiar with both the law and the science around Snake River salmon restoration. His remarks are his strongest statement on federal salmon policy to date.

In addition to supporting lower Snake River dam removal and spilling more water to help salmon, Judge Redden also alluded, as many others have, to the ongoing scenario of politics trumping science in the Columbia-Snake Basin. “The politics of it makes it difficult for some of the scientists,” he said.

Please help change the political dynamic for salmon!

TAKE ACTION:  Send a message to Obama administration officials, with a CC to your U.S. Senators, asking them to fully engage in settlement talks among stakeholders in the Columbia-Snake Basin.

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