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Restoring the Lower Snake River

FreeTheSnakescreebgrabSOS extends a huge "thank you" to PATAGONIA for their ongoing campaign in support of lower Snake River dam removal.  Their latest short film Free the Snake currently featured on National Geographic's website highlights the ecological benefits of a free-flowing Snake River and the declining benefits of the high-cost low-value Snake River dams.  Watch the film here.

We are very grateful for the tremendous work Patagonia continues to do on behalf of free-flowing rivers and wild salmon and steelhead. The company and its founder Yvon Chouinard have supported lower Snake River dam removal for decades.  Patagonia's award-winning film DamNation has inspired thousands of people around the country to call for removing these salmon-killing money-losing dams.  More than 70,000 citizens have signed the petition urging President Obama to put dam removal back on the table.  And thousands more contacted Senators Murray and Cantwell urging them to do the same after Patagonia sponsored these ads in Washington State.

Thank you Patagonia!

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