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Protecting Orca by Restoring Salmon

by Candace Calloway Whiting

The following is part one of a five part series on the intertwined fates of salmon in the Columbia and Snake Rivers and southern resident killer whales.

orcasThe other night I just happened to catch on the PBS station KCTS the second half of an excellent documentary about the Klamath River, called "River of Renewal". I found the part that I watched to be coherent and insightful, and regret that I missed the first half. Although the Klamath River runs through Oregon/California, the film covers the same issues we face here in Washington as we consider removal of dams in the Snake/Columbia river basin.

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Part 2 - Timeline: Salmon, Dams, and Orcas

Part 3 - How Many Fish Do The Orcas Need?

Part 4 - How Many Fish Do The Orcas Need? (Part Two)

Part 5 - And Baby (Orca) Makes 5!

Part 6 - Commercial Fisheries, Salmon, and Orcas

And the latest: Have A Heart SeaWorld, And Let Corky Go Home

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