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Protecting Orca by Restoring Salmon

by Candace Calloway Whiting
From Seattle PI's City Brights

seattle.brightlightsTurn on any health/talk show, and it is not long before your might hear the host touting the benefit of eating salmon. We are told that the fats present in salmon and a few other species of fish are good for our hearts, and it is recommended that we eat moderate portions of those fish twice a week.

That is all well and good...except there are so many mouths to feed; over 300 million Americans at present, and nearly 7 billion people on the planet. If even just 10% of us eat salmon twice a week, we are talking about a tremendous amount of fish. How in the world will we ever manage to catch enough? Can we? It would seem that much is riding on the ability of the commercial fishermen and women to provide us with the salmon we need, yet leave some for the orcas, without driving wild salmon to extinction. It's a tall order...

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