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Unless you’ve been fishing remote headwaters all year (in which case we would be jealous!), you know that the midterm election is right around the corner - Tuesday, November 8! We want to know: are you ready to vote?

Voter turnout in the U.S. is typically around 40% during midterm elections.  That means only a small minority of people will decide who makes our  state laws and national policies.

Those eligible to vote have the power to change the direction of the nation, including your local community. Whether you are a seasoned voter or new to the political scene, Save Our wild Salmon has developed a voting checklist and compiled resources to make it easy to be informed and ready to vote.

Step one: Check your voter registration.

Step two: Make your plan.

Step three: Research candidates and ballot measures.

Step four: Mail in your ballot or head to the polls to vote!

Step five: Continue reading this blog post for a special surprise our team at SOS has in store for you!

Step 1: Check your voter registration. 
Are you registered to vote? Double-check if you are registered to vote. If you are requesting a mail-in ballot, double-check your mailing address. Check out or Vote411 to register. Move quickly as time is running short in many states! In the state of Washington, for example, you can register in-person on Election Day. Each state has different rules.

Step 2: Make a plan. 
Find out your state's voting deadlines, mark these important deadlines on your calendar, and schedule a day to vote! 

How will you vote? Will you vote-by-mail or in-person? Will you vote early or on Tuesday, Nov. 8? Check your local election website to confirm your registration, find your polling location, find out how to obtain a mail-in ballot, early voting locations, and more. 

If you are voting by mail, make sure to sign your name on the return envelope and return your ballot early to the post office. Some states that offer vote-by-mail require your ballot to be postmarked on Election Day while others require the ballot to be received by Election Day. Learn more about early voting in your state here. 

If you are voting at the polls, check to see if you are required to bring identification in your state.

Step 3: Research candidates and ballot measures.
Who and what will you vote for? Research the candidates and measures on your ballot to make informed decisions on or before Nov. 8. Check out BallotReady or Ballotpedia to learn more about what is on your ballot. Look up NGOs or other sources of information that you trust - and that share your values - to research and learn about specific candidates and issues on your ballot.

Step 4: Mail in your ballot or head to the polls.
Every vote matters. Encourage your friends and family to vote. Share a link to this webpage - and trusted informational sources with them. To ensure your ballot is counted, you can find the resources to track your ballot here or contact your local election office.

If you are 18 years old and registered - you have the power to vote this fall on critical candidates and issues that will affect the future of our nation - the air, lands, and waters where we live, and the opportunities and quality of life we seek for ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities. Thank you for voting!

Britt Freda Vote Our Planet

To celebrate election season and civic engagement, SOS is excited to announce a special project we’ve been working on. Britt Freda’s “Vote Our Planet” artwork received so much love that we added it to the new NW Artists Against Extinction storefront

Visit the storefront to purchase apparel, tote bags, and a travel mug with Britt’s beautiful artwork! The store will continue to grow with additional pieces from NW Artists Against Extinction - a project of SOS

Stay tuned as the store grows with additional designs and products!

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