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CampaignMiscImage 1538082087.8955Last week, the Task Force created by Governor Jay Inslee to protect critically endangered Southern Resident orca from extinction released it initial set of draft recommendations. The Task Force is now taking public comment.

PLEASE SIGN SOS' PETITION to the Governor's Orca Task Force!

SOS and its leaders have participated in AND bird-dogged this process since it began in March. These draft recommendations reflect an important first step, but fall short of the Governor's call for actions that are "bold" and "urgent". The draft recommendations must be strengthened before they are finalized and delivered to the Governor - And they must include a call for real, tangible action on lower Snake River dam removal.

Just 74 whales remain today. We must act quickly, or they could disappear forever.

The public comment period is short - it closes on October 7. Please act today!

Sign the SOS petition here.

The petition identifies priority recommendations that are especially critical to orca survival and recovery - and it emphasizes actions to increase chinook salmon populations orca need in both the near-term and long-term by protecting, restoring and reconnecting healthy, resilient habitats and ecosystems.

Add your name and help send a powerful message: "The Orca Task Force must strengthen and adopt key recommendations if we hope to protect orca from extinction."

Please share this petition widely with your networks and over social media before Oct. 7!

Thank you for your support,

Joseph, Sam and the whole SOS team

PS - For more information, read these excellent articles from the Seattle Times:

Another Southern Resident orca is ailing - and at least three more are pregnant (9.25.2018)

Controversy heats up over removal of the lower Snake River dams as orcas suffer losses (9.22.2018)

Read the Orca Task Force's Sept 24 Report and full list of draft recommendations here. (draft recs begin on page 20).

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