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givebig logo blue 2019GiveBIG 2019the annual day of giving sponsored by 501 Commons – is on Wednesday, May 8.

We ask for your generous support to help SOS move faster and farther on behalf of endangered wild salmon and steelhead in the Columbia and Snake rivers – and the benefits they bring to people, other fish and wildlife including Southern Resident orca, and Northwest ecosystems.

This year - thanks to a very generous donor in the Puget Sound area - we have a fundraising match of $10,000! Your gift to SOS will be matched 1:1 between now and May 8 – up to a total of $20,000. Please help us meet this match!

To support SOS through GiveBIG 2019, you can make an online pledge anytime between now and May 8. Or you can wait until May 8 and donate online then. Either way will work.

Why support Save Our wild Salmon? Good question! Because we're a small organization that, with our coalition partners and people like you, punches well above our weight. We subscribe to the organizing principle of “endless pressure, endlessly applied” - and our smart, stubborn persistence pays off.

Our work has increased spill at the Columbia-Snake dams - helping endangered salmon and steelhead now. Last Congressional session, we killed terrible anti-salmon legislation and riders. Last summer, we helped force lower Snake River dam removal onto the agenda of the Orca Task Force. And with your help since the start of this year, we fought and won an uphill battle in the Washington State legislature that secured funds ($750K) to convene the first-ever Lower Snake River Stakeholder Forum. This will bring people and communities together for contingency planning for if - when - the dams are removed to restore this historic river and its salmon and their benefits.

Here’s what your support as part of GiveBIG will help us do in the months ahead:

  • Participate in the Washington State stakeholder forum and help it succeed.
  • Host public screenings regionally of an excellent new film about orca, salmon and the lower Snake: Dammed to Extinction.
  • Sit down with affected stakeholders to listen and to learn, and bring fishers and farmers together to explore solutions that can help both communities.
  • Schedule presentations, organize events, build new alliances and partnerships – and push on and partner with policymakers and elected officials.
  • And we’re planning to hire additional SOS staff in 2019 to expand our reach and impact!

With your generous support, we'll build on our recent successes. Please GiveBIG anytime between now and May 8 at midnight!

Thank you for your activism and your generous support. Reach out to Joseph if you have any questions.

Joseph, Sam, Angela and the SOS team
Save Our wild Salmon Coalition PS - you can also send us a check if you prefer. It will count toward our $10K fundraising challenge. Send to:
Save Our wild Salmon, 811 First Ave, Suite 305, Seattle, WA 98104. Thank you! -jb


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