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Save Our Wild Salmon

Oregonian_Logoby Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski
October 9th, 2009
"The state of Oregon has a long legacy of protecting our wild fish for future generations so they remain a vital part of our heritage, and this is a legacy worth fighting for."
I wrote the above words more than a year ago when the federal government presented its 2008 biological opinion regarding a salmon plan for the Columbia and Snake Rivers' hydropower system. I believed the 2008 plan, like the many plans before it, was legally and technically flawed because it sought to preserve status-quo dam operations at the expense of endangered wild fish. And, as with the previous plans, I challenged it in federal court.

The Obama administration recently filed a supplement to the 2008 biological opinion called the Adaptive Management Implementation Plan. After reviewing the plan, the question remains: Does this supplement actually correct the legal and scientific deficiencies in the 2008 opinion?
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