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Save Our Wild Salmon

by Matt Stansberry, Oregon Flyfishing Blog
November 23rd, 2009
In September, the Obama Administration endorsed a flawed salmon plan or BiOp, as it has been called, for the Columbia River system. The day is here now when Judge Redden will hear final arguments in the courtroom on the legality of this plan. Today, a group of advocates and fishermen are back in the federal court room in Portland and they are fighting for you, me and for the salmon and steelhead of the Northwest. One of those passionate fishermen is steelhead guide Jeff Hickman. Jeff grew up waist deep in Columbia tribs and has made a life guiding and fishing these same great rivers. He has followed closely the Columbia salmon fight for the last 10 years and like all of us, he is ready to see this situation be resolved once and for all.
I talked to Hickman this morning before he headed to the courthouse and asked him a few questions about today’s Court battle.
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