New Hope for Snake/Columbia's Wild Salmon and Steelhead: It's Time to 'Free the Snake' and Restore Endangered Salmon!


In May 2016, the U.S. District Court in Oregon rejected the government's plan for operating federal dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers because the plan  – the 2014 Biological Opinion (or “BiOp”)  – failed to protect endangered wild salmon and steelhead.  The Court concluded the federal agencies responsible for the plan (NOAA Fisheries, the Corps of  Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation, and Bonneville Power Administration) violated both the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

The Court  said “[f]or more than 20 years, . . . the federal agencies have ignored [prior court opinions] and have continued to focus essentially on the same approach to saving the listed species — . . .  [t]hese efforts have already cost billions of dollars, yet they are failing.”

Three different federal judges over two decades have now rejected five consecutive plans to lawfully manage the Columbia/Snake River dams. ESA-listed salmon continue to face a high risk of extinction. In the federal judiciary’s words, “the system literally cries out for a major overhaul.

This ruling swept aside the government’s long-standing strategy to avoid meaningful changes to the existence and operations of federal dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers. Judge Simon’s strongly-worded opinion found multiple substantive violations of the ESA and procedural violations of the NEPA. The Court 2016 order requires the agencies’ next plan (due 2018) to substantially strengthen the all-important jeopardy standard, address climate impacts on fish, reduce its heavy reliance on habitat restoration and finally confront the significant salmon mortality caused by federal dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

To address the NEPA violation, federal agencies must began work in Fall 2016 with Scoping/Public Input - the first step toward producing an EIS that fully, fairly and transparently analyzes the latest scientific and economic information on Columbia/Snake salmon and dams and carefully consider all recovery alternatives – including the costs, benefits and tradeoffs of lower Snake River dam removal. Keeping the agencies honest and on track in this process presents a major challenge for advocates, and will require vigilance and oversight by us, media and our elected leaders in the Northwest and in Washington D.C.

In July 2016, the Court required (1) the National Marine Fisheries Service to produce a new lawful Columbia Basin Salmon Biological Opinion by Dec. 2018; and (2) the “Action Agencies” (BPA, Army Corps, Bureau of Reclamation) to produce a lawful NEPA-compliant DEIS by March 2020 and FEIS by March 2021.

The Drake: Columbia Conundrum

columbiaThe river’s steelhead are struggling.

By Steve Hawley
June 13, 2017

Tucker Jones is certainly comfortable speaking in front of a surly audience. This much is clear from the outset. The burly, self-deprecating Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist is standing in front of a group of 50 guides and anglers on a blustery spring evening at his agency's office overlooking the Columbia River in The Dalles, Oregon. Jones and his colleague, Rod French, who manages ODFW's Deschutes River fisheries program, are here as the bearers of bad news. Before they begin their presentation, a Tidewater Lines barge glides ominously past the picture windows opposite the lectern where Jones is just clearing his throat, as if to remind anglers that the river was re-made a half-century ago. It isn't just for fish anymore. "Well, as most of you know," Jones begins cordially, going for a yarn-around the campfire tone, "steelhead and salmon runs in the Columbia are in pretty bad shape this year. So we're here to tell you about some management actions we have to take."

Read the full article here.

Lewiston Morning Tribune: Spring chinook fishing closed in Clearwater Basin

No summer season is planned in drainage except for Lochsa River

selwayfallsBy ERIC BARKER of the Tribune, June 13, 2017
Idaho fisheries managers pulled the plug on spring fishing in the Clearwater Basin on Monday after giving the beleaguered season a brief second life.

The four-day-a-week season on sections of the Clearwater and its South and Middle forks that ran Thursdays through Sundays will not reopen this week, nor will it open there later this month for summer chinook. The Lochsa River is the lone exception in the basin. It is scheduled to open to summer chinook harvest June 22.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game biologist Brett Bowersox at Lewiston said the run returning to the Clearwater Basin continues to show lower-than-average survival between Bonneville and Lower Granite dams - so poor that the state's share of the harvestable surplus already has been exhausted. The closure also will help ensure hatcheries get an adequate number of spawners, known as broodstock, to produce the next generation of springers.


Moscow-Pullman Daily News: Our View: Can lawyers just try to swim with the salmon? 

moscow.pullmanBy Lee Rozen, for the editorial board

May 26, 2017

Debate has been flowing back and forth for decades whether the four dams along the Lower Snake River produce more value in facilitating navigation and producing electricity than they cost in maintenance expenses and dead fish, especially wild salmon.

Fleets of experts on both sides argue their case articulately and passionately.

We - and the courts - have tended to look with greater skepticism at the arguments of dam proponents as barge traffic dwindles on the Snake, other sources of electricity come online and dam maintenance costs rise sharply. And the fish continue to die. skepticism finds some fishy arguments in another case that involves salmon, but no dams.


Lewiston Morning Tribune: Fisheries managers move to protect B-run
Washington, Oregon mull rolling closures, while Idaho adopts wait-and-see policy

By ERIC BARKER of the Tribune
May 27, 2017

steelhead nps2 391 205 80auto c1 c c 0 0 1Washington and Oregon are poised to implement rolling closures of the steelhead fishery from the mouth of the Columbia River to the mouth of the Snake this summer and fall in an attempt to protect the dismal B-run, projected to be the lowest on record.

On the Snake River from its mouth to Clarkston, anglers would be required to release all steelhead more than 30 inches in length. The two states also are looking to restrict most fishing on the Snake and Columbia rivers to daylight hours only, and to implement the same rolling closures on the lower sections of Columbia River tributaries, where Idaho-bound B-run steelhead often make short detours while in search of cool water.

Protective regulations for the Snake River upstream of the Idaho-Washington state line at Clarkston and the Clearwater River have not yet been set. Idaho fisheries officials are considering adopting regulations similar to those implemented in 2013, when anglers were only allowed to harvest steelhead less than 28 inches in length.


Idaho Statesman Series: Saving Idaho's salmon: Nature again turns against returning fish that already face long odds

I.S.RockyB2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the Idaho Statesman's endorsement of removing the four lower Snake River dams to save salmon and save money. The arguments made then are only stronger today - and have been joined by a new set of pressures on the dams: their declining services, the plight of salmon-reliant orcas, the intensifying impacts of climate change, and more.

The series comes at a critical time - as 2017 adult returns appear to be collapsing and fishing opportunities in Washington and Idaho are shut down.

Saving Idaho's salmon: Nature again turns against returning fish that already face long odds

Take a look at this first-in-the-series to:

-- Learn more about the history of the issue and where the series is headed,

-- Post a comment online at the bottom of the article

-- Share out on social media

And we'll be sure to keep you apprised as the series develops.

Columbia Basin Bulletin: Spill Advocates, Federal Agencies Agree To Status Conference Schedule, Protocol In Salmon BiOP Case

Friday, May 19, 2017

spill.big.2017Advocates of more spill at Columbia/Snake river dams for juvenile fish passage and federal dam operating agencies have agreed to a schedule for periodic status conferences and a protocol in a federal court case.

The request for injunctive relief was enjoined with an earlier case argued in the U.S. District Court of Oregon that resulted in a remand of the Columbia River hydropower system’s 2014 biological opinion for salmon and steelhead. The remand was issued by Judge Michael H. Simon in May 2016.

The request, which was brought to Simon in January 2017 by the National Wildlife Foundation and the State of Oregon, with the support of the Nez Perce Tribe, asked the court to begin ordering spill to maximum total dissolved gas levels beginning April 3 this year and to continue for each year of the BiOp remand.


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