New Hope for Snake/Columbia's Wild Salmon and Steelhead: It's Time to 'Free the Snake' and Restore Endangered Salmon!


In May 2016, the U.S. District Court in Oregon rejected the government's plan for operating federal dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers because the plan  – the 2014 Biological Opinion (or “BiOp”)  – failed to protect endangered wild salmon and steelhead.  The Court concluded the federal agencies responsible for the plan (NOAA Fisheries, the Corps of  Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation, and Bonneville Power Administration) violated both the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

The Court  said “[f]or more than 20 years, . . . the federal agencies have ignored [prior court opinions] and have continued to focus essentially on the same approach to saving the listed species — . . .  [t]hese efforts have already cost billions of dollars, yet they are failing.”

Three different federal judges over two decades have now rejected five consecutive plans to lawfully manage the Columbia/Snake River dams. ESA-listed salmon continue to face a high risk of extinction. In the federal judiciary’s words, “the system literally cries out for a major overhaul.

This ruling swept aside the government’s long-standing strategy to avoid meaningful changes to the existence and operations of federal dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers. Judge Simon’s strongly-worded opinion found multiple substantive violations of the ESA and procedural violations of the NEPA. The Court 2016 order requires the agencies’ next plan (due 2018) to substantially strengthen the all-important jeopardy standard, address climate impacts on fish, reduce its heavy reliance on habitat restoration and finally confront the significant salmon mortality caused by federal dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

To address the NEPA violation, federal agencies must began work in Fall 2016 with Scoping/Public Input - the first step toward producing an EIS that fully, fairly and transparently analyzes the latest scientific and economic information on Columbia/Snake salmon and dams and carefully consider all recovery alternatives – including the costs, benefits and tradeoffs of lower Snake River dam removal. Keeping the agencies honest and on track in this process presents a major challenge for advocates, and will require vigilance and oversight by us, media and our elected leaders in the Northwest and in Washington D.C.

In July 2016, the Court required (1) the National Marine Fisheries Service to produce a new lawful Columbia Basin Salmon Biological Opinion by Dec. 2018; and (2) the “Action Agencies” (BPA, Army Corps, Bureau of Reclamation) to produce a lawful NEPA-compliant DEIS by March 2020 and FEIS by March 2021.


scientists.ltr copyScientists send letter to Northwest policymakers affirming the benefits of “spill” – water releases over federal Columbia Basin dams – to provide critical interim help for endangered wild salmon and steelhead until a lawful plan is developed.

August 16, 2017


David Cannamela, M.S., , 208-890-1319

Rod Sando, M.S., , 503-507-5386

Boise, ID – Today, 46 natural resource scientists delivered a letter to members of Congress and Governors in Northwest states highlighting the well established and empirically demonstrated evidence supporting the benefits of “spill” – water releases over the tops of federal dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers during the juvenile out-migration to the Pacific Ocean during the spring and summer months. Spill has proven to be one of the most effective immediate dam management options to help improve the survival of young salmon and increase adult returns in the years that follow.

The letter can be viewed here:

Dave Cannamela, retired fisheries biologist (Boise, Idaho): “Spill is without a doubt the most effective interim measure we can implement to help maintain critically endangered salmon, steelhead, and lamprey populations in the Columbia and Snake Rivers.  While spill is only an interim measure it is a very important one because it buys us time to work collectively to develop a durable, effective, long-term solution.  Everyone will benefit when salmon and the ecosystem, economy, and cultures they support are restored.”



Friday evening, Sept. 8 and Saturday, Sept. 9 2017

Chief Timothy State Park, Clarkston, WA

1freethesnake.cutoutLast year more than 400 people from throughout the Pacific Northwest came together on water in support of the return of a free-flowing lower Snake River.  This year, river, salmon and orca advocates, tribal members, anglers, and others will gather again on the river to Free the Snake.

Here’s a chance to experience the lower Snake River for yourself and learn more about why removing four dams is so critical to restoring salmon, orcas, lamprey; and why it is necessary to honor treaties with Native American tribes.  These four dams impede salmon from reaching the largest piece of intact salmon habitat left in the lower 48, thousands of miles of pristine river habitat across millions of acres in Idaho, northeast Oregon and southeast Washington. Meanwhile, the benefits these dams have declined dramatically while their costs to both salmon and taxpayers have grown.  


Spokesman Review Guest Opinion: Bill would rubber-stamp salmon failure

Sockeye in RiverBy Josh Mills, August 11, 2017

As I read John Francisco’s Aug. 5 op-ed (“Legislation saves salmon, hydrosystem”), a question came to mind: If the federal agencies had told us 20 years ago that they would spend $16 billion of our money – as ratepayers and taxpayers – on a scheme claiming to protect wild salmon in the Columbia and Snake rivers, but fail to recover a single one of the 13 endangered runs, wouldn’t we have demanded a different plan?

That’s why fishing businesses, sport fishing and conservation groups, the state of Oregon and the Nez Perce Tribe all applauded federal Judge Michael Simon’s ruling in 2016, rejecting the government’s latest plan to protect endangered salmon. Simon noted that the Federal Columbia River Power System “cries out for a new approach and new thinking.” He strongly urged the agencies to consider lower Snake River dam removal as an alternative.


Lewiston Tribune: Seriously stressed steelhead

Worst-ever start to season as low flows, "the blob," voracious sea lions take toll
Steelhead are setting a record at Lower Granite Dam and it's not a good one.

SteeheadClearwaterAugust 11, 2017

By Eric Barker

The run's performance is so poor that fisheries managers are considering restrictions to upcoming seasons.

The dam about 30 miles west of Clarkston on the Snake River has never seen a worse start to the steelhead run. Between June 1 and Wednesday, only 393 steelhead have been counted climbing the dam's fish ladder. For comparison, the 10-year average is more than 5,100. Last year, when the A run of steelhead collapsed, more than 3,400 steelhead had been counted there in the same time frame.

You have to go back decades to find anything comparable. In 1990, the count through Aug. 7 was 623.

It's not much better at Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River. There, about 30,000 steelhead have been counted. Only 1943 and 1938, the dam's first year of operation, were worse. It was similarly bad in 1941, 1942 and 1944.



Business.TY.ltr.Gov.Brown.8.2017Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Chris Daughters, owner, Caddis Fly Angling Shop, Eugene, (541) 342-7005
Bob Rees, Bob Rees’ Fishing Guide Service, Oregon City, (503) 812-9036
Aaron Altshuler, Patagonia, Portland, (518) 727-6412

70 sportfishing and outdoor recreational businesses send Governor Kate Brown letter of appreciation for Oregon’s steady leadership to protect and restore healthy, fishable populations of endangered Columbia and Snake River Basin wild salmon and steelhead

Portland, OR – Today, 70 Oregon-based recreational fishing and outdoor-based companies delivered a letter to Oregon Governor Kate Brown thanking her for her commitment - and the State of Oregon’s ongoing leadership – to protect and restore endangered wild salmon and steelhead in the Columbia and Snake River Basin.  

The letter can be downloaded here.

The fishing and outdoor recreation-based businesses sent their letter “to express our appreciation for your leadership and Oregon’s ongoing commitment to protect and restore abundant, harvestable, self-sustaining populations of salmon and steelhead in the Columbia and Snake rivers and their tributaries.” The letter states that “[t]he success – or the failure - of our businesses is linked tightly to the survival and recovery of our most iconic Northwest fish. For our businesses it’s pretty simple: more fish means more fishing. Salmon abundance leads directly to increased sales, manufacturing, guiding, and resident and non-resident travel, tourism and spending.”


Idaho Statesman: A changing electrical grid may make Snake River dams expendable — and help save salmon

dam.photoBy Rocky Barker, August 04, 2017

Editor’s note: The Northwest has yet to figure out a sustainable plan to save imperiled Columbia salmon. This is part two of a series exploring whether salmon can ultimately survive.

PASCO, Wash. The fate of the Northwest salmon may be decided by the way you use your heater and your air conditioner.

In the near future, the U.S. electric grid will be able to digitally manage the vast Northwest hydroelectric network in a way unimaginable just a few years ago. With consent from customers, it will be able to adjust the heaters and air conditioners of millions of homes and buildings, or tap into the batteries of electric cars or other smart appliances.

It’s a revolutionary change for the Northwest economy, the energy market, the Columbia Basin dam system and the salmon that migrate through it.

The four dams of the Snake River in Washington are less valuable now due to a power surplus caused by wildly successful energy-efficiency programs, cheap natural gas, and rapidly growing wind and solar energy options.

Read the full story here.

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