Some select videos related to wild salmon and salmon-reliant communities in the Columbia-Snake Basin. For additional videos, check out our YouTube Channel!


Shared Fate: Puget Sound Orcas and Columbia/Snake Basin Salmon

a film directed by Eric Becker, editing and footage from Skip Armstrong

Snake River Salmon: One of a Kind

a short film from Skip Armstrong

Salmon: Running the Gauntlet - Full Episode

If the fish were in any worse shape, they wouldn’t be savable, if they were in any better shape, people wouldn’t care as much. This is the time.” — Former Chief of Fisheries for Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, Jim Martin.

The story of salmon is one of the nature stories of our time – how we became entangled in the life of creatures at once resilient and fragile, manipulated and wild, and whether they, and we, might recover from that intrusion.

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Help give wild salmon and steelhead of the Snake River corridor the freedom to roam!

Freedom to Roam is Patagonia’s current environmental campaign. Its goal is to create, restore and protect wildways or corridors between habitats so animals can survive. Patagonia’s partners in Freedom to Roam include the Freedom to Roam Coalition, which includes other companies, conservation organizations, rural activists, recreation groups, and those who live on the land. Check out Patagonia's work with Freedom to Roam or go to The Freedom to Roam Coalition's website.

Freedom to Roam has partnered with Patagonia and Save Our Wild Salmon to highlight the crisis and opportunities for salmon and communities of the Snake River corridor.

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