Outdoor Idaho Focuses on Idaho's Salmon

Last week, Idaho Public Television ran a 30 minute program for Outdoor Idaho about saving Idaho's salmon. The program is a good primer on the importance of these fish to the Northwest’s economy, culture, and environment. Watch it below!

Says SOS executive director Pat Ford:

This program is a great reminder to Northwest people and to rest of our nation that Snake River salmon and steelhead are a big part of our western history, economy, culture, religion, and environment.  I urge all to watch it.

The program ends by stating that, given what we have learned about these fish and the restoration of other rivers, we know if we “give these fish a fair shot” they will come back.   I couldn’t agree more.  So, let’s give them a chance. 

Judge Redden gave Northwest people an opportunity a year ago by giving us time (2-plus years) to work out a regional solution based on law and science.  So, I  urge the region to take this time, this opportunity, to sit down and work through the issues.  Let’s give these fish and the communities that depend upon them a fair shot, at the same time improve our energy and transportation infrastructure, and create jobs in all these sectors.

We owe that much to ourselves, the Native People of this region, the judge that has worked so hard to keep these fish from failing off the extinction edge, and the generations that come after us.  If we give these fish a fair shot, they will come back and so will the jobs they support.

Watch the 26 minute program now:

Outdoor Idaho: Idaho's Salmon from EarthFix on Vimeo.

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