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OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR: 360-902-4111 (9 am - 5 pm PST)

insleeKey messages (leave a voice mail and/or a message with his staff):

1. Thank Governor Inslee for establishing the Orca Task Force earlier this year. Now it is time to act on its 2018 recommendations.

2. There's no time to waste. Orca survival depends on Governor Inslee's urgent leadership.

3. Governor Inslee must act quickly on two critical recommendations to restore chinook salmon in the Columbia Basin:

  • Rec. #8: "Increase 'spill' at the Snake and Columbia river dams starting in 2019."
  • Rec. #9: "Begin regional planning re: removal of four costly dams and restoration of a free-flowing lower Snake River and its salmon."

Additional details:

The Orca Task Force (OTF) recently delivered its first set of recommendations to Governor Inslee. Now it is time for Gov. Inslee to act on these recommendations.

Orca today swim at the brink of extinction. Restoring the healthy, resilient, connected rivers and salmon populations in the Columbia-Snake and the Salish Sea Basins are essential pieces of a regional plan to feed starving orca. It is the Snake River, however, that scientists tell us has the greatest potential to produce very large numbers of chinook that orca need to survive and recover.

In its final 2018 recommendations, the Task Force approved two actions scientists say are essential to orca survival - (1) increased 'spill' at the dams on the lower Snake and Columbia rivers, and (2) a Governor-convened stakeholder forum to develop transition projects that must be included as part of a larger dam removal plan. These two actions are needed to help rebuild the salmon populations orca depend upon.

Other important recommendations were also included - to protect existing habitat, restore degraded habitat, and reconnect salmon with historic rivers and streams by removing barriers (such as other dams, culverts, etc) across Washington State.

*PLEASE ACT TODAY: Ask Gov. Inslee to act on the Task Force recommendations. Orca need more salmon!

Thank you!

For further information and to get involved, contact:
Joseph Bogaard,; 206-300-1003
Sam Mace,; 509-863-5696

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