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insleeKey messages (leave a voice mail and/or a message with his staff):

1. Thank Governor Inslee for establishing the Emergency Orca Task Force earlier this year.

2. However, the critically-endangered Southern Resident orcas can't wait. Orcas are dying for lack of chinook salmon and their survival depends on Governor Inslee's urgent leadership.

3. Governor Inslee must act quickly to restore chinook salmon in the Columbia-Snake River Basin in two critical ways:

  • "Increase 'spill' at the lower Snake and lower Columbia river dams starting in 2019."
  • "Begin work on a regional plan to remove four dams and restore a free-flowing lower Snake River."

Here are some additional details:

No single measure will save the Southern Resident orcas from extinction, but - due to its large pockets of remaining, intact, protected habitat and high chinook restoration potential - restoring robust salmon populations to the Columbia-Snake River Basin is one essential piece of a larger strategy. Governor Inslee's leadership is needed on these two actions to restore healthy rivers and wild salmon in the Columbia Basin:

(1) INCREASED SPILL AT FEDERAL DAMS: Washington State must work with Oregon and federal dam managers to increase 'spill' (to 125% total dissolved gas) at the lower Snake and lower Columbia River dams starting in 2019 in order to dramatically improve the survival of juvenile salmon as they migrate through the federal hydrosystem to the Pacific Ocean. This is a highly effective, near-term measure to increase salmon populations in Northwest waters.

(2) A RESTORED LOWER SNAKE RIVER: Governor Inslee must support chinook salmon recovery by removing four dams to restore a free-flowing lower Snake River and provide better access to thousands of miles of prime salmon habitat upstream in the Snake River Basin. The Governor must begin work now with other policymakers, sovereigns and stakeholders to develop a comprehensive, regionally-generated, science-based salmon/river restoration package that invests in and responsibly transitions affected communities. This is among our most promising long-term measures, and planning must begin now.

Read Save Our wild Salmon's full statement released before the Governor's Emergency Orca Task Force meeting in Wenatchee (WA) (August 7, 2018).

For further information and to get involved, contact:
Joseph Bogaard,; 206-300-1003
Sam Mace,; 509-863-5696

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