Save Our wild Salmon 2015 donor gifts and holiday shopping opportunities

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Thank you in advance for your support for our work protecting and restoring the Northwest's rivers and its wild salmon and steelhead. Our successes depend on your generous support.

This year, you can combine holiday shopping and your support for wild salmon and healthy rivers.

We're offering great coffee and t-shirts.

Coffee first - as it should be. When you buy these two excellent and delicious (fairly-traded and organically-grown) coffees, a portion of your purchase price comes to SOS:

(1) Roast House Coffee is based in Spokane, WA. When you buy “Free the Snake” coffee in town or online, $8 of eveey bag you purchase goes to support SOS. “Bittersweet, chocolate, and tobacco”.

(2) Grounds For Change is based in Poulsbo, WA. 15% of every bag you buy online comes to SOS. “A dark, rich coffee with a complex flavor and smooth finish.”

Great coffees that make great gifts and help protect wild salmon and steelhead!

Second, the T's. We are also offering two beautiful salmon- and river-saving t-shirts for all gifts to SOS of $75 or more:

(1) “FREE THE SNAKE” Salmon Rally on the River: This design was created by the wonderful people at Patagonia for the (1st Annual) 2015 Flotilla on the banks of the lower Snake River. They went like hotcakes at the rally, so we’ve made a bunch more. By buying and wearing these shirts you're supporting SOS and promoting the campaign to restore the lower Snake! (men and women's sizes available).

(2) Eileen Klatt’s Wild Salmon Watercolor T's: Eileen has generously supported SOS with her stunning artwork to SOS for several years. This shirt features full-color Snake River fish from her epic watercolor collection of wild salmon and steelhead of the Columbia/Snake River Basin.

Remember your gift to SOS is fully tax-deductible. It will help us hit the ground running in 2016 to protect some of our nation's most endangered wild salmon and steelhead by restoring the healthy rivers and habitat they depend upon in the Pacific Northwest! 

Thanks so very much for your support – we can’t do it without you!

Take good care,

Joseph, Sam and the SOS Team

Save Our wild Salmon

811 First Ave, #305

Seattle, WA 98104

PS – if you have any questions about our work and programs – please reach out. We’d be happy to get together or jump on the phone to talk further and provide additional detail. Thank you! -jb

PPS - Don't forget our raffle! For every $25 you donate to SOS before Dec. 31st, we'll give you a virtual raffle ticket. Our prizes this year: 5 hardcover copies of the acclaimed book "Beyond Words: what animals think and feel" signed by the author - award-winning scientist Dr. Carl Safina.

Save Our wild Salmon is a diverse, nationwide coalition working together to restore wild salmon and steelhead to the rivers, streams and marine waters of the Pacific Northwest for the benefit of our region's ecology, economy and culture.




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