TAKE ACTION: Visualize your support for salmon!

blog 120518 buster.jobcreatorStarting today - Endangered Species Day - we're reaching out to you for some help on visualizing support for wild salmon and the communities that depend upon them.

Show your support - submit a photo!

Here's how:

1) Print out one of the sample messages from this PDF or create your own.

2) Gather your friends and family (or go solo) and snap a few photos that carry the message of a stakeholder solutions table for salmon.  Let your creativity fly!

3) Send your best photo to me - - and include your full name along with city and state. Please keep images below 6MB. You can also post your picture on Save Our Wild Salmon's Facebook wall. We'll deliver the photos to the Obama administration soon.

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Why it matters

After traveling from high mountain streams to the far reaches of the Pacific Rim, Snake River salmon swim more than 900 miles inland and climb almost 7,000 feet to reach their spawning grounds  the highest salmon spawning habitat on earth, and the largest and wildest habitat left in the continental United States. These fish and their habitat are truly one-of-a-kind.

Today, all runs of salmon and steelhead in the Snake River are either extinct or listed under the Endangered Species Act. Populations remain well below the federal government's own recovery goals; Snake River sockeye, for example, are among the most imperiled salmon in the world. Time is running out for these fish.

What's more, thousands of businesses and communities that depend on healthy salmon and rivers in the Columbia-Snake Basin don't have a seat at the table in deciding the fate of wild salmon and steelhead.

President Obama has a tremendous opportunity to turn the corner on two decades of failed federal salmon policy by applying science to protect salmon and grow jobs. The administration, via the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), can convene a new, inclusive, collaborative stakeholder process in the Columbia-Snake Basin that can produce a comprehensive, legal plan based on science and economics. Together we can restore wild salmon, create jobs, and protect local communities.

Thank you ahead of time for your photos! Please contact me with any questions.


Bobby Hayden
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Save Our wild Salmon is a diverse, nationwide coalition working together to restore wild salmon and steelhead to the rivers, streams and marine waters of the Pacific Northwest for the benefit of our region's ecology, economy and culture.




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