The Worst Dam Bill Ever

Doc HastingsOn August 1st, Congressman Doc Hastings (R-WA) introduced HR 6247 - a dangerous bill threatening salmon, rivers, family-wage jobs, and communities across the country.

Excited about the progress being made on the Elwha, Penobscot, Sandy, Kennebec, and White Salmon Rivers?

If HR 6247 becomes law, we can say goodbye to these types of historic, job-creating, river and salmon restoration success stories. A classic example of congressional over-reach, HR 6247 would prevent people from working together and finding solutions through collaboration at the local level. This legislation would also further harm already-endangered salmon and steelhead, stifle job creation, and restrict innovation and opportunity in the clean energy sector, all the while locking in existing problems and creating new ones for rivers, salmon, jobs, and our economy.

Take Action: Send a message to Congressman Hastings opposing HR 6247.

Download the full text of HR 6247.  Download a factsheet about the legislation.

“Worst Dam Bill Ever” – Not hyperbole

Here's a checklist of many of the bad provisions in HR 6247 for those keeping track at home:

Eliminates funding for community groups and non-profits working on collaborative river restoration. Check.

Jeopardizes progress for salmon and salmon jobs. Check.

Weakens citizen involvement in decisions affecting public health such as clean water. Yep.

Cements into law deceptive accounting practices from Bonneville Power. Got it.

Rolls back regulations on new dams. Check.

Loosens regulations on existing dams. And check… but wait, there’s more!

Severely delays investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy jobs. Check.

Prevents federal agencies from doing scientific and economic analysis of dam removal and other river restoration measures. Check.

There is a lot to unpack from the horrible legislation.  Please take action today and stay tuned as this issue moves forward.

Tomorrow, August 15, there will be a Congressional field hearing to discuss HR 6247 in Pasco, WA. Our communications director will be live tweeting from the hearing. Follow @bairdtastic or join the conversation via #DamBill.

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