Court-Ordered Spill Helps Salmon Returns and Jobs

Salmon projections still not meeting federal government's own recovery levels despite "record returns" spin.

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Deschutes River steelhead, courtesy of David Farris

Listen to the story "Hard to Catch, Harder to Count" from Public News Service.

Portland, OR — Last week, Oregon and Washington Departments of Fish and Wildlife released projection estimates for spring returns of adult salmon. The numbers, certain to be adjusted as the fish start returning, indicate the potential for a stronger return in the Columbia and Snake Rivers than was seen in 2011. Scientists and fish biologists attribute these returns to ocean conditions, as well as due to in-river conditions including increases in court-ordered spill at the federal dams to support fish migration.

Projections are a valuable tool in setting

fisheries policies, but they are only estimates and are subject to frequent adjustment. In 2009 and 2010, actual fish returns were significantly lower than projections indicated.

Read more from the SOS Press Release.

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